Terms & Conditions
Our advisors are available to answer your questions. They can confirm the availability and the expected delivery time of your items. Need information? How to place an order? What size should you pick? Click on size guide or leave it to the experts of La Redoute, they will be more than happy to serve you.
Dial 01-284000/03-475476/70-170178
From 8am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday
From 8am to 1pm on Saturdays
« How do I place an order? »
If you are placing an order using the internet site
The user should follow the procedure of the new account creation. Then, the user can shop by using his user name and password. You can click on the navigation tab to go through our online collection and add to the basket. The user will receive an e-mail notifying that the order was sent to La Redoute (the e-mail is not a confirmation of the order). The order will be validated upon contact with one of our advisors. Any cancellation of an order should be done over the phone.
If you are placing an order using catalog
You are required to fill in the following:

1- Your name and surname are essential to identify you and serve you better

2- Your full address, phone number, e-mail address and your birth date help us to join you effectively

3- The reference code is précised in the catalog and comprises 7 numbers: they are very essential to receive the right article

4- The size available for each article is defined next to the item. We advise you to report to the size guide or the tables in the catalog to make sure you chose the right size

5- The quantity should be by article. E.g. if the article is sold by pack, you should mention the number of packs you wish to order and not the number of articles

6- The price in the catalog is in Euros, it comprises the freight, transportation and insurance charges.

7- Don’t forget to add the 10%VAT to the total of your order

« Where do I place an order? »
By Phone
Dial 01-284000 or 03-475476
From 8am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday
From 8am to 1pm, on Saturdays
By Fax
01-284000 extension: 666
By Post
Send your order (order form available in the catalog) completed to the following address:

La Redoute
International Technology Product SAL
Tehwitta Furn-el-Chebbak, Avenue Hrawi, centre 522
2nd floor
B.P.Box 11-3481, Beirut- Lebanon
By e-mail
Delegates and point of sales
If you prefer to be served by one of our sales representative, contact our offices to get the number and address of the nearest sales representative or point of sale.
« How do I know if the item is available? »
Do you need to place an order but don’t know whether the item is available or not? Call one of our advisors and your questions will be answered immediately.

The availability of the items changes on a daily basis, it can vary from one week to 12 weeks. The item ordered and not received within 35 days is cancelled automatically from date of order. That’s why a re-ordering is necessary to receive the article again on time. The differed items that were ordered but delayed are mentioned on the invoice and can be identified with the availability status next to each item. E.g. D2 (2 weeks delay).

The prices in the catalog are in Euros. They include the charges of insurance, freight and customs. The settlement of the invoice can be made either in US dollars or Lebanese pounds. To calculate the amount in dollars, you have to convert the price tag by multiplying it to the conversion rate. The rate is considered fixed when placing the order. All prices are subject to VAT. The prices are guaranteed for the period of the online publishing.
If you have placed your order online you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us to advise we have received your order for processing (This e-mail is not an order confirmation or acceptance from us) once your order is dispatched to you, we will send a further e-mail or contact you to advise it is on its way.

The return and exchange of an item should be done within 15 days from date of the receipt of goods. The consumer would have to settle the difference, if the amount of the re-order is greater than the amount of the order. On the other side, if the amount is less than the original order, the consumer can choose to either cash the difference or keep it in his account.

Returned or exchanged items should be in their original condition and packaging, the service of returning the item is free of charge and is handled by one of our delivery persons.

Conditions on returns and exchanges:

- The size exchange ( same article, same reference) is free of charge

- An article exchanged more than once is subject to 10% (ten per cent) charge of its original selling price.

- The exchange of an article for another different reference is subject to a 30% (thirty percent) charge of its original selling price.

- The return of the item is subject to a 40% charge of its original selling price

- The damaged article can be returned free of charge after notifying the office on the date of receipt of the damaged item.

Accessories such as bags, belts, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, gloves..etc and the bedding cannot be exchanged or returned.

La Redoute is in charge of delivering all the parcels for free on a weekly basis anywhere on the Lebanese territories.

The customers, who were not available to receive or pick their parcel upon delivery for any reason, will have to pick their parcel from the office within 15 days from date of invoicing.